Lava Integration

Smart Lighting

Once you experience integrated and intelligent lighting controls, you’ll never want to go back.

Set lighting scenes for every mood, save them to a single button.  Whether its morning time, bedtime, or “cocktail party” time – you can create the perfect lighting atmosphere every time with zero effort.

Integrated Lighting, smart lighting tablet

Manage Lights Less, Enjoy Lighting More

With a customized smart lighting system, outside lights can turn on before sunset and off after sunrise.  So you don’t have to walk around the house and remember, everyday.

Need to grab a midnight snack?  A bedside motion sensor dimly lights the hallway and kitchen stairs for you, and turns them off after you’re back in bed.

Foyer lights turn on when you unlock the door, so you don’t come into a dark house.  The possibilities are endless with an integrated lighting solution.